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What nonresidential zoning districts are there in Plano?

There are many things it can be important for a business to be aware of when considering buying a given piece of commercial real estate here in Plano. One is what type of zoning district the property is located in.

There are many types of nonresidential zoning districts here in Plano. Here is a list of the different types:

  • Urban mixed-use (UMU).
  • Retail (R).
  • Research/technology center (RT).
  • Regional employment (RE).
  • Regional commercial (RC).
  • Neighborhood office (O-1).
  • General office (O-2).
  • Light industrial-1 (LI-1).
  • Light industrial-2 (LI-2).
  • Light commercial (LC).
  • Corridor commercial (CC).
  • Commercial employment (CE).
  • Central business-1 (CB-1).
  • Downtown business/government (BG).

Each type of zoning district has a specific set of rules and regulations associated with it, including rules regarding what sorts of uses are permitted within the district. Thus, what district a commercial property is in generally dictates what sorts of things are allowed to be done to, on and with the property. This is why the zoning district a piece of commercial property falls in is such an important piece of information for businesses that are thinking about buying the property to have. A prospective buyer would obviously want to know if the things they would want to use the property for are actually allowed on the property.

As a note, if a property owner wants to use a commercial property in a way not allowed in the zoning district the property is in, they may have legal options they can pursue, such as requesting a rezoning.  

Attorneys can help prospective commercial real estate buyers with all different sorts of questions they have regarding real estate legal issues, including questions about zoning districts. They can also provide help with zoning issues that arise.

Source: City of Plano, "Zoning District and Uses," Accessed March 17, 2015

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