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Disputes over whether an offer was accepted

One type of contract dispute that sometimes occurs between businesses is a dispute over whether a contract was actually formed. Among the things the formation of a contract involves is an offer being made and that offer being accepted. One issue that disputes over whether a contract was formed sometimes center on is whether an offer that one party made was in fact accepted by the other party.

What exactly is an acceptance of an offer? As FindLaw explains, a party accepts an offer when they make a clear expression that they agree to the offer's terms. 

There are many different ways a party could potentially make such a clear expression. Thus, a question that can sometimes be a source of dispute between two parties is whether a given action the party who was presented with an offer took after the offer was made did or did not constitute such a clear expression.

In a dispute over whether a given offer was accepted, there are many different types of evidence that could potentially touch on the issue of whether or not a party's actions amounted to a clear expression of accepting the offer. Thus, when a business is in such a dispute, whether it be arguing that a contract was formed or that a contract wasn't formed, careful evidence collection can be very important when it comes to the building of its case.

Attorneys can help businesses that are in disputes with another party over whether a contract was formed with constructing a supporting case for their arguments in the dispute and with trying to reach an acceptable resolution to the dispute.

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