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The upsides of divorce

Every cloud has a silver lining. This is a phrase that can apply to a great many things. Divorce is one of these things. It is true that a divorce can be hard on a person mentally, emotionally and financially. However, divorce is not without its silver linings. There are many positive things a divorce can yield, not the least of which being the opportunity to get out of a marriage that is broken and cannot be fixed.

In a recent Huffington Post article, the article's writer, who has gone through a divorce, outlined some of the things that she found to be among the biggest benefits of her divorce. Some examples of things she noted include: the increase in personal freedom, getting free of a high-conflict situation, having the opportunity for emotional healing, having the chance to build a stronger relationship with her kids and being able to live in truth.

What do you see as some of the biggest benefits a divorce can have? 

In addition to divorce having upsides, there are things that can sometimes help make getting through some of the more challenging aspects of a divorce a little easier. For example, in some instances, divorcing couples find resolving divorce issues through the collaborative law process to be a helpful way to get through their divorce without triggering some of the downsides that divorce litigation can sometimes have (like higher costs and higher animosity between parties). Attorneys can give divorcing individuals information on the collaborative law process and give such individuals guidance on whether the collaborative law route might be a good avenue for them to take in their divorce given the particular circumstances of their divorce.

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