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In marriage and in divorce, financial issues can generate stress

Many different things have the potential to put stress on a marriage. One is money matters. In fact, a SunTrust study found finances to be the top cause of stress within relationships.

Financial discord/stress within a marriage can have some big long-term consequences. It could lead to a marriage eventually breaking down. It has been estimated that 22 percent of all divorces have financial matters as the primary contributing factor to the couple's decision to divorce. 

What can married couples do to help prevent financial matters from leading to marital discord that could endanger their marriage? A recent Forbes article gave some tips for married couples when it comes to avoiding finance-related marital discord. Among the things the article recommended to couples were:

  • To make a budget.
  • To set ground rules regarding spending.
  • To be honest with one another about financial matters.
  • To take steps to understand one another's approach to money matters.
  • To take steps to stay in synch with one another when it comes to overall financial goals. 
  • To seek out help with financial matters when such matters are causing difficulties within the marriage. 

What money issues do you think pose the biggest challenges in marriages? What do you see as the best ways for couples to address these issues? 

Money matters can also be a major source of stress when a couple gets divorced. Divorce issues like property division and alimony can have some very big potential future consequences and can be very complex. There are steps individuals can take to try to make divorce financial issues easier to deal with and less stressful. Some such steps are:

  • Forming a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. The financial terms of such agreements can sometimes help make financial issues in a divorce more straight-forward.  
  • Properly preparing for divorce financial matters in the time leading up to a divorce, such as getting a clear understanding of what property they and their spouse have and what their overall goals are when it comes to financial issues in the divorce. 
  • Receiving guidance from a skilled divorce attorney about divorce financial matters. 

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