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August 2015 Archives

What scenarios can lead to a prenuptial agreement being appealed?

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about prenuptial agreements and the terms and information that Texas law forbids in these important contracts. Let's continue that conversation, but take it in a slightly different direction: How could a prenuptial agreement, which is usually portrayed as an impenetrable contract that can't be appealed, be challenged by one of the spouses involved?

Back-to-school shopping can get expensive

Back-to-school season is upon us. This season brings about many different things for parents. This includes back-to-school shopping trips to get school supplies for the kids. Unfortunately, these trips can get rather expensive. This can be seen from a recent school-supply-related report.

When rent hikes drive a commercial tenant to a new location

Sometimes, a company that leases, rather than owns, the business space it operates out of decides not to renew the lease for the space, but rather to move to a new location and find a new space to lease. Many different things could drive such a decision. One are financial concerns. A recent trend raises the possibility that deciding to lease a different location than their current one due to financial reasons may become an increasingly common thing for businesses.

Plano ranked the second best city in the country for families

Communities can vary quite a bit in how good of a place they are for families. All parents generally hope that where they live will be a good place to raise their kids. Thus, parents here in Plano may find the results of a recent WalletHub report very encouraging indeed.

Lots of pre-leasing happening with North Texas office space

Currently, quite a bit of new office space is being built here in the North Texas region. According to estimates by the company CBRE, the Dallas-Fort Worth area currently has around 7.3 million square feet worth of under-construction offices. Much of this new office construction is focused in communities in the northern suburban area of this regionĀ (like West Plano, Frisco and Richardson). Specifically, the northern suburbs are the location of around 40 percent of this new construction.

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