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Smiling for divorce: The divorce selfie

One of the things that can be indicative of changes in the way people view divorce is changes in the way people talk about divorce.

Recently, a new trend regarding how divorcing individuals talk about and make reference to their divorce on social media has been gaining popularity. This trend is the divorce selfie. These selfies involve a divorcing or newly divorced couple posting a selfie they took together onto social media. In these selfies, the couple is usually smiling and the selfies are often accompanied by comment containing a positive, happy or optimistic reference to the divorce.

These often-joyous selfies stand in stark contrast to the more negative images many people may have in their head when they think of divorce.

What do you think of the divorce selfie trend? What do you think this says about how divorcing couples view divorce these days? Do you think this trend is signaling any changes in how society in general views divorce? What do you think it says about the importance people place on amicability in divorces in today's world?

Many divorcing couples have a strong desire to keep their divorce on amicable terms. This desire often includes a desire to avoid contentious and stressful litigation in the divorce. It can be important for couples who desire an amicable divorce to know what litigation alternatives, like collaborative divorce, are available to them in their divorce and what things impact which such alternatives may be particularly likely to be helpful in a given divorce. Family law attorneys can provide guidance to divorcing individuals when it comes to collaborative law and other alternatives to litigation for divorces.  

Source: The Washington Post, "On the viral rise of divorce selfies (and the death of traditional marriage)," Caitlin Dewey, Sept. 3, 2015

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