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Anger and divorce

Many strong emotions can bear their head during a divorce. One is intense anger. During a divorce, a normally calm person can find themselves brimming with anger.

Recently, an article on the Houston Chronicle's website focused on divorce and this emotion. In the article, the writer pointed out that, in a divorce, a person can end up feeling more anger than they thought they were capable of. The writer also described some of her experiences with this emotion during her divorce.

Many things could trigger anger in a person during the course of a divorce, from big things to small things.

While feeling anger during a divorce is natural, it can be important for a divorcing individual to be aware of the anger they are feeling and the impacts it has the potential to have. Anger could affect a person in many ways, including having the potential to influence their actions. 

When getting a divorce, it can be important to avoid allowing anger to lead to actions that could have negative effects, such as negative effects that could impact one's children. When a divorcing parent allows anger to control their actions unchecked, it could result in things like:

  • Angry outbursts about the other parent in front of the kids, which could be very emotionally hard on the kids.
  • Being overly aggressive towards one's ex-spouse when trying to work out parenting-related things with them. This could make co-parenting a much more difficult experience. 
  • Actively seeking out conflict when it comes to divorce legal matters. Unnecessary conflict in child-related divorce issues like child custody can have a variety of negative implications.  

Thus, anger can be an important thing to keep an eye on when divorcing, especially for divorcing parents.

What do you think are some of the most common anger triggers in a divorce? What do you think are the best ways for dealing with divorce-related anger? What do you see as the most effective ways for keeping anger in a divorce from leading to unwise actions?

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