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Things to avoid when it comes to visitation

Visitation is often a significant issue in divorce cases involving parents. What sort of arrangement and schedule regarding visitation with the children comes out of a parent divorce has major implications for parents and children alike. Thus, it is critical for parents to avoid committing mishaps during the course of custody and visitation proceedings.

A parent's actions after a visitation arrangement/schedule is set up can also be impactful. Thus, mishaps are also important for parents to stay clear of once a visitation arrangement is in swing. Examples of things parents should take care to avoid when it comes to visitation are:

  • Deviating from the visitation schedule without first clearing it with the other parent: Making unilateral deviations from a visitation schedule could greatly increase the tension between a person and their ex, which could make it harder to work together on issues regarding the kids. Also, it could cause legal problems for a parent. 
  • Using visitation time restriction as a way to punish the other parent: When a person tries to use visitation time restriction as a weapon against their ex, it could end up harming their kids. And, if the restriction is done in violation of the terms of the visitation arrangement, the restriction could lead to significant legal battles. 
  • Being too probing when asking the children about visits with the other parent: Asking general questions to the kids about how a visit went is just fine, but asking the kids detailed and probing questions about the visit could make things awkward for the kids and negatively impact what they get emotionally from the visits.
  • Making promises to one's children one can't reasonably keep when it comes to visits with them: Broken promises regarding visits could lead to a parent's children developing harmful feelings of abandonment. 

When legal issues regarding visitation arise, whether they come up before or after a visitation arrangement is in place, one thing a parent may find helpful is getting the advice of a skilled family law attorney. Among the things such attorneys can do is give parents information on how to avoid mishaps in relation to such issues and what potential consequences the issues could have. 

Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph, "Some things divorced parents should not do," Patrice Dunagin, Jan. 6, 2016

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