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Fighting through the kids can sneak up on parents

It is a reality that conflicts sometimes arise between parents. These conflicts can end up being fought out through many different fronts. They can, in some cases, run the chance of being fought through the kids. 

Now, fighting through the kids is not always the result of a conscious decision by parents. Rather, it could end up happening more or less unconsciously and unintentionally. Things that could make proxy fights through the kids particularly likely to sneak in include conflicts that are left unacknowledged or unresolved. 

Whether it happens as a result of a conscious choice by parents or unintentionally, a child becoming a battleground in a conflict between parents can take a significant toll on a child. 

Thus, for married parents, it can be very important to pay close attention to how the conflicts between them may be affecting their actions towards their kids, to resolve marital conflicts in a healthy way and to take steps to help keep their conflicts from hurting their kids.

Conflicts between parents can hit a particularly high pitch when parents are divorcing. Thus, a divorce can be an especially important time for parents to be vigilant about keeping their kids from becoming battlegrounds in the fights between them. Such vigilance includes taking steps to help ensure child custody matters stay focused on what is best for the children and do not, unintentionally or through conscious choice, turn into proxy fights between parents over other issues. Family law attorneys can provide guidance on ways to help keep the best interests of the children at the center of custody matters and negotiations. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "When Couples Fight Through Kids," Amy Begel, March 17, 2016

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