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Some businesses turning to drones for their operations

Businesses will sometimes turn to new tools and technologies when it comes to carrying out their business operations. One new technology that has been becoming increasingly popular among businesses lately is drone technology.

The increased role drones have been playing in businesses can be seen in federal numbers regarding Federal Aviation Administration drone exemptions issued since Sept 2014, when the federal agency began regulating commercial drone use. Reportedly, since that time, around 5,000 FAA exemptions for commercial drone use have been issued.

The businesses that have been using drones in their operations vary quite a bit, both in their size and in the type of work they do. Examples of some of the work tasks some businesses have been turning to drones for are inspection work and photography work. Some of the things that are motivating some businesses to think about using drones are hopes that using drones for certain work tasks might be cheaper, more efficient or safer than the methods traditionally used.

One wonders if the trend of drone use in businesses will just be a blip or a long-term trend that lasts well into the future.

When thinking about using any new tool or technology in relation to their business’ operations, it can be important for a business owner to think carefully about whether the new tool/technology will help the company with achieving its overall goals.

Also, when putting a new tool or technology in place in relation to the performance of business operations, it can be important for a business to be aware of whether the new tool/technology raises any special legal issues. When a new tool/technology raises such issues and a business ignores these issues when bringing the new tool/technology in, it could create risks of business disputes arising.

One special legal issue that can arise in relation to a new tool/technology are regulatory issues. This can be seen in the commercial use of drones. As alluded to above, commercial drone use raises federal regulatory issues.

Other possible special legal issues that could come up in connection to new tools/technology include special contract or employment issues related to the use of the tools/technology.

Business law attorneys can help business that are adopting new tools/technology into their business operations with addressing special legal issues the tools/technology raise and navigating any potential disputes that arise in relation to the use of the tools/technology.

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