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When a divorced parent needs to move out of state

One of the big life-altering events that can come before a person is a move to another state.

There are many things that could be behind a person’s decision to make such a move. This could include employment reasons, other economic reasons, family reasons or health reasons.

Whatever is causing a person to need to relocate to another state, such a move can involve all manner of changes and can touch on many different aspects of their life and their family’s life.

So, it is of no surprise that there are many concerns that can be on a person’s mind as they are about to move another state.

There are some added concerns a person in such a situation will generally have if they are divorced and have minor children. They may have many worries regarding the kids and the custody of the kids. This could include worries about: whether the kids will be able to move with them, how the move will affect their ability to see and be with their kids, what things they need to do regarding the child custody arrangement in connection to the move and what sorts of legal issues and disputes they could end up facing related to the kids over the move.

It is true that a planned relocation to another state can trigger some very complex and impactful legal matters for a divorced parent. An important thing to note through is that a divorced parent can seek out help in addressing these matters and the concerns they have regarding these matters. Specifically, they can consult with and seek out the representation of a skilled family law attorney.

Our firm can provide Texas divorced parents with guidance on a range of child-custody-related matters, including matters related to a planned parental relocation. We understand the importance of attentive, honest, thoughtful and goal-focused legal representation when it comes to these sensitive and impactful matters.

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