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Stresses related to child care

Child care can be a critical thing for a family. For some families, it can be essential in the parents being able to hold the employment necessary to support the family. However, it can also be a source of stress for a parent.

One type of stress that child care could bring about for a family is financial stress. Child care costs can be high. Thus, child care can be a source of financial struggles for many families. This can be seen in a recent survey of parents of pre-kindergarten aged kids who have their child in some type of nonparental child care at least one time a week. Of the respondents who said they pay for child care, almost a third of them said the costs of child care gave them financial difficulty. And of those that indicated that such expenses gave them financial problems, around 7 out of 10 indicated that the problems in question were somewhat or very serious in nature.

The financial strains that can come from child care costs could also trigger mental and emotional stress for parents. This includes stress related to worries about keeping things together financially in the face of high child care expenses.

In addition to finance-related stresses, parents could also experience child-care-related stress in connection to concerns about things like the quality of the child care their kids are getting and whether the child care they have selected for their kids is the right one for their kids.

So, even in normal situations, parents can experience a fair amount of stress in relation to issues regarding child care. There can be the potential for such stresses to be upped even more when things like divorce occur. This is because a divorce can add new concerns for a parent, such as worries about whether they will be able to continue to afford child care after the divorce and how child-care-related issues (like those touching on child support) will be handled in a divorce. One thing that may be able to help with reducing the potential for such added stress is good preparation. Skilled divorce lawyers can provide divorcing parents with explanations of what sorts of issues regarding child care can come up in a divorce and can help them with planning for such legal issues.

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